To create the most realistic 3D content

At I-C-E Studios, we work towards creating photo-realistic 3D assets. With a deep rooted idea to create content of the future, our Founder and promoter Mr. Anant Haldia came up with the idea behind I-C-E Studios in late 2013. Spending a little over a year on research and development, he set-up India’s first Photogrammetry 3D scanning rig. In January 2015, I-C-E Studios was established.
I-C-E Studios is a 3D scanning, 3D designing and 3D printing studio. Our forte is our 3D scanning technology and data quality. Our team excels in 3D modelling & texturing, lighting & rendering, and rigging & animation. With the presence of our technology in India, we have been able to assist VFX studios and production houses in delivering world class visuals. Our deep understanding of the workflows and high data quality has filled the missing gap in the Indian VFX and gaming industry.
Since the very beginning, people have been trying to create perfect visual effects for films, games and advertisement. Our mission at I-C-E Studios is to provide the most realistic 3D content to make visual effects on screen believable. Today we have provided 3D scans and 3D assets for some of the biggest movie projects in Bollywood and created some of the highest quality data in our industry.

Creating with passion and striving for perfection, I-C-E Studios is a realistic 3D content creating studio, always pushing the boundary of realism for virtual content.